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We are Twin Strangers Productions, and we make audio dramas in a post-Covid world. Our growing network features some of the best shows in the indie AD scene, with more content always on the way.

Psychological Horror Weird Fiction

In a world where beasts and entities have integrated into society, a group of outcasts are on the run after a discovery that could change the existence of entities everywhere. Inspired by Filipino mythology with a little western mythology mixed in.

Rites of Descendancy

YA Fantasy Bildungsroman Drama

As Leonardo’s 20th birthday approaches, he must participate in a ceremony known as the Rites of Descendancy where he’ll receive wisdom from the kingdom’s Oracle about the life of his ancestor. The ceremony is meant to drive him forward with newfound wisdom about what it means to be an adult, but with each new bit of information he learns, more questions are raised and secrets are unearthed, threatening to irreversibly change Leo’s life as he knows it.


Syntax Apollo+ Exclusive Spinoff

A Syntax spinoff series following Breachers teams beyond Alpha. If you crave more of the xenobiology and hard science elements of Syntax, this show is DEFINITELY for you. Exclusive to Apollo+ members.

Sci-Fi Horror Adventure

Syntax is a science fiction, horror audio drama following Silas Caldwell and a team of explorers investigating a mysterious set of artifacts. Fans of Stargate, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Atlantian fiction will enjoy this one.

Heartfelt Sci-Fi Mystery

An audio drama about ghosts and the people who refuse to hunt them. Leo Quinn works for Better Place – the world leader in ghost removal – but they’re having doubts about the ethics of their work. To prove that ghosts deserve a say in their own fate, they’re building a recorder that will let them communicate with spirits. Each episode brings a new ghost with a new tale to tell, and mysteries to unravel along the way.

Cryptid Counselor

Scripted Comedy Radio Horror

Cryptid Counselor offers a more humorous approach to audio drama. The Host interviews "lots and lots of different kinds of beings; cryptids, otherworldly spirits, creatures of legend, extinct beasts, entities that defy imagination on heaven and earth and hell and all realms beyond and in between!"

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Our friends over at Fool & Scholar Productions are indie creators of premier audio dramas! You might know them from the excellent 'The White Vault' or 'Dark Dice', but if not, now's a great time to catch up and find more shows! Fool & Scholar Productions Link

Syntax has a collection of loose leaf teas on BlendBee! Enjoy one of our four special-teas based on the first four Depths encountered by the Breachers. Inspired by listener recommendations! BlendBee Collection

TSP is an affiliate of FanRoll! Orders made through our link benefit us and our shows, and you'll save 10% on orders. FanRoll features many shiny click-clacks and accessories for all your dungeoneering needs. Affiliate Link.

Syntax is partnered with Broadly Epi, a rapidly growing repository of information and education about public health and epidemiology. Find a list of their full tutorials and services here: Broadly Epi Affiliate Link

Syntax utilizes World Anvil! Get your world building off the ground and bring your fiction(s) one step closer to reality. Support us and get 51% off an annual subscription using our code: 'syntax' World Anvil Link

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Creating Quality Audio Drama

Founded in 2021, Twin Strangers Productions is a US based production and distribution company creating audio dramas in a post-Covid world. We specialize in horror stories and adventures with a focus on unique foley and soundscaping while keeping interesting characters at the forefront.TSP currently produces two shows in-house, and we partner with creatives who are making the best indie audio dramas on the market. The TSP Network dedicates itself to providing and distributing unique audio fictions with diverse creative voices that deserve to be heard.Our shows are the best up-and-coming stories, and we constantly scout the audio drama scene for a wide range of narratives, editing styles, and backgrounds. TSP labors towards inclusivity, ingenuity, and inspiration in storytelling.

who we are

The People Behind the Stories

Rowan Odom (They/Them) - Chief Executive Officer
I’m Rowan, the founder and producer of Twin Strangers Productions (as one of two of the Twins in the Strangers originally)! I started this company with the mindset of bringing interesting, diverse audio dramas into the world with the help of all the incredible people we work with in TSP. My day to day includes the business side, but I also function as the main producer and editor.

Ty Von (He/Him) - Co-Founder
One of the two Twins in Twin Strangers. I help in all aspects of the company - from business and website design to creative writing and script editing. Currently working on Syntax as lead writer and voice acting Silas Caldwell, and I assist other creatives with getting their projects off the ground and making them a reality. I am also the writer of Cryptid Counselor and voice The Host; CC started as a writing challenge where I take monster ideas from fellow cast members on other shows and turn them into a funny, one-off radio segment.

Sage Phung (They/She) - Creator
I'm Sage, mainly known as the voice actor for Cassius in Syntax, but also a writer! I am the creator and director of Rites of Descendancy, and I also help out sometimes with some minor production business for Syntax behind the scenes. I've also appeared as Melanie the Ghost in Cryptid Counselor, and hopefully more roles for other things in the future, should things go well for me (fingers crossed). If you need to know more about me, just listen to the blooper reels for Syntax.

M. Molder (They/Them) - Partner
Hiya, I’m M. Molder, sometimes known as Momo. During the day, I make things pretty, functional, and accessible with code. Outside of that, I fixate on sound design, voice acting, and writing, all of which go into my own show (The Moon Crown.) Most of my time goes to researching each of those things, and I've read/watched far too many articles and/or video essays on all of the above, with a special interest in what makes things scary.

Leanne Egan (They/Them) - PartnerI’m Leanne, I spend a frankly unhinged amount of time writing, producing, and voice acting for my show Tell No Tales. I can also briefly be heard as the VA for Charlotte Caldwell in Syntax, and when I’m not doing any of that, I can probably be found juggling the epic highs and lows of being a debut author (I haven’t slept in about two years). Whatever genre or medium I’m writing for, I love stories about human connection - whether that’s romance, found family, or fleeting moments of joy in the darkness.


===MESSAGE RECEIVED=== - March 28th, 2024A Season Four teaser for Syntax has appeared: YouTube Link - ===MESSAGE RECEIVED===

Syntax Casting 4th Season - February 22nd, 2024Syntax is casting four new characters for the next two seasons! These characters will be involved in the final two seasons of Syntax. We're looking for some specific accents and non-binary characters to join our show, so please check out the casting call! Auditions CLOSE on February 24th at 11:59pm EST.

CASTING CALL for a NEW show, Rites of Descendancy! - January 17th, 2024We're looking for a BRAND NEW cast for our next audio drama, Rites of Descendancy! Join a world of fantasy, magic, and turmoil, and lend us your voice for our next show. For some of our roles, we're calling SPECIFICALLY for trans, non-binary, and BIPOC/POC actors in this casting call, so preference will be given to those auditions for those roles! Link to audition. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at!

Syntax Season 3 FINISHED - December 31st, 2023Just before the new year, Syntax finished it's THIRD season out with a bang. If you haven't caught up on Syntax, we now have over 30 hours of binge-worthy content for your ears! We'd like to thank our incredible supporters from the crowdfund once more - we would not have been able to complete two entire seasons of Syntax within 2023 without your help. Thank you!

Syntax Season 3 Launch! - October 31st, 2023Season 3 of Syntax has officially begun with the global release of Episode 28: It Starts With You. PodLink. We have posted a release schedule on social media here.

The Trailer for Episode 10 and Signal Intrusion #3, Against a God, has just gone live on The Moon Crown's feed! Episode 10, The Season One Finale, is just around the corner! Teaser Spotify Link

SYNTAX FUNDED! - September 16th, 2023The Indiegogo campaign for Season 3 of Syntax has reached over 100%!!! We are incredibly blessed and fortunate to have the best listeners imaginable, who helped us to see it through! We'd especially like to thank our two anonymous donors who pushed us WELL past the funded mark! This means Season 3 of Syntax should air fully before 2024 begins (if all goes according to plan)!As a reminder, this is your last chance to donate to get us to additional stretch goals, and to secure your own exclusive merch for Season 3's run! Can we get Season 4 funded as well?! We hardly dare to hope, but we like to dream big! Again, thank you to everyone who helped us realize our passions! May your days be many and always filled with joy!Indiegogo

Syntax Crowdfund - August 18th, 2023Season 3 of Syntax is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo! Now through September 18th, get access to exclusive rewards showcasing creatures and features from the Syntax world! We need your help to get Season 3 out as soon as possible!


Anti-AI Statement - February 27th, 2024Hello, Strangers! We've released an official statement on Twin Strangers Productions' stance on AI creation tools within the arts sphere. To read the full statement, click here. Thank you for continuing to support our creative endeavors - for humans, by humans!

Tell No Tales Joins TSP! - February 22nd, 2024We're extremely excited to announce the newest show being added to the Twin Strangers Network, Tell No Tales! We're welcoming creator Leanne Egan into the network fold along with the team of actors in Tell No Tales. They're currently in the midst of releasing their second season, so be sure to check out their show website to listen!

Patreon/Network Update - January 16th, 2024With Syntax's 3rd season finalized, we've released a Patreon update with news for what's to come for TSP in 2024! New shows, bonus content, and network creators are only a smidge of what you can expect. Be sure to check out the update for more information!

M. Molder and Joe Cliff Thompson KILL FM - October 31st, 2023TSP Partner M. Molder and our favorite villainous actor Joe Cliff Thompson recently featured in the latest KILL FM showcase, PETRICHOR. You can listen to their segment called TIDAL WAVE now!

Site Launch - August 11th, 2023Great news everyone! Twin Strangers Productions has become a full-fledged network with the partnership of our good friends over at The Moon Crown! Welcome aboard, and here's to a long and storied relationship!With this announcement comes the date for our Season 3 crowdfunder for Syntax, our sci-fi horror adventure: August 18th, 2023! You can sign up to be notified of the official launch here: Syntax Season 3 Indiegogo CampaignStay tuned to this site and our social media as we announce upcoming shows, spinoffs, and more partners in the near future! (We'd be keeping our eyes on Apollo...)